Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let’s Debate!!! M2M (MAN 2 MODEL) Pekanbaru

Today, my class activity is debate. We have planned this program since last week. Thanks to God, finally the program has run well. At the first time, when I came and get in to the class my students looked not enthusiastic with this. They seemed to avoid debate. Many reasons they mentioned to canceled the debate. “We are not ready miss” or “many students are outside, so we cancel ajalah yach miss debatnya” or “we do not know how to do in debate” and we don’t prepare yet lah miss, so how miss?”. At that time I just smiled and said “we have made a deal last week, so today we have debate”. We just practice to speak-up freely today. So don’t be afraid, guys”.

The topic that students choose is “whether driving a car is more safety than riding a motor cycle”. There are two groups. First group (affirmative) named they group The Angels and second Group (opposite) named they group Lesex Community. Formerly, both groups confused how to organize their own group, they looked not ready and didn’t have any idea to present in their debate. Step by step each group could perform well and enjoy their debate activity. In last, third speaker of each groups concluded the debate and the debate activity is closed.

It is not a competition and it is not a game that will have a winner and a looser, but it is just an activity in class that has purpose to build up the students confidents in speaking, in other words practice to speak up freely.

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