Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It’s my Party and I’ll buy it if I want to

Article Review: It’s my Party and I’ll buy it if I want to

Mutsuko Murakami in her article “It’s my party and I’ll buy it if I want to” says that Japanese women today prefer to have fun and they are happy to pay for it. Akiko Matsunnobu, a woman who has a good career and high income spend her money to buy some luxurious things and do some exclusive activities. Not only Akiko do this, but also other women. They are young women who are leaving with their parents, with a yen for fun, working women with good salaries and older women with grown children who now have the time and money to look to their own needs. They are spending money more active than Japanese men.
Commonly Japanese women demand for products and services that fit their particular desires. It inspires the company to produce exclusive product for women. For instance, Vitz car, one of unconventional cars that suitable for women, and the sale records of it is very amazing after launching in first six months. Besides car, women in Japan intend to buy real estate and delay their marriage today. In addition Japanese women today are no longer willing to submerge their identities into their families.
Therefore, women in Japan want to control their own life. Attending self improvement class is one of the effective ways to develop their abilities and acquire professional skills in the hope of getting jobs of their choice.

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