Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Mother

The grass grows because of the spring sun, but the grass can't give anything back to the sun in return. It is the same with mother's love. The love is so great and deep that a son, like inch-long grass, can hardly return his mother's love. How much love can the inch-long grass give the spring sun in return......

Translated by
Prayat Laoprapossone

I would like to write about the relationship between my mother and me.My mother is the person who has influenced me for more than twenty years. She is a beautiful woman, she also a career woman, and she taught me principles of what is good and what is bad. she also told me about life. Now I am twenty seven years old, and I understand why she was strict with me. When I have a problem now. I call my mother because she is still the person who takes care of me.

Love you mom

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